Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nautilus usability scenarios

In the usability test for the Nautilus file manager, I will ask testers to do these scenarios:

(Before beginning this phase of the usability test, I will start Nautilus for the tester. Note that Nautilus starts up in the Home folder.)

1. You are about to start working on a new project, and you would like to keep all your files in the same folder.

Please create a new folder called My Project in the Documents folder.

2. Oops! You realize that the files in your new project will be photos, so you prefer to keep them under the Pictures folder instead of Documents.

Please move the My Project folder from Documents to Pictures.

3. Your project now has a new name, so you decide to rename the project folder to use the new name.

Please rename the My Project folder to Space Photo Project.

4. As you work on your project, you expect to go back to the folder frequently. A shortcut or bookmark to the folder would be handy, rather than having to navigate to it each time.

Create a bookmark for Space Photo Project.

5. Do you remember the party reminder that you created earlier, in the text editor exercise? In that exercise, you created a copy of party reminder.txt as Geoff surprise party.txt, but did not delete the first file.

Please delete the party reminder.txt file in the Documents folder.

6. Do you remember the image that you downloaded earlier, in the web browser exercise? The filename was freedos.png, but you don't remember where you saved it.

Find the freedos.png file and move it to the Pictures folder, if it is not there already.

7. You decide you are done working with the test program you wrote earlier, in the text editor exercise. Delete the program file in the Documents folder.

(UPDATE 11/11/12) Since I've removed the program scenario from Gedit, I will drop scenario 7.

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