Sunday, February 2, 2014

What this blog is about

I just wanted to drop a note for anyone who's recently discovered my blog, to explain what this blog is about.

In short, I'm using this blog to record ideas and research on usability in open source software.

I'm an M.S. candidate in Scientific & Technical Communication, at the University of Minnesota. In September 2012, I began a directed study on usability. This was an excellent opportunity to tie my M.S. work to my outside interests in open source software. (I've written or contributed to lots of open source projects since about 1993, but I'm probably best known for starting the FreeDOS Project.) During my directed study, I needed a place to keep track of research, articles, and other things related to my directed study. I decided to start a blog.

When my directed study ended, I kept the blog "warm" by posting occasional thoughts and links to articles. It was a good exercise in my academic study, and a good place to keep notes—especially since I planned to use "open source software & usability" as the basis for my M.S. capstone project (similar to a thesis). So if you've been a longtime reader of my blog, you've probably noticed that posts started to slow down after January 2013.

But a year later, my M.S. capstone is starting to take off.

I plan to use this blog as a launching point for my M.S. capstone work. Again, I'll link to research and share a few thoughts about those articles. As my project swings into gear in the coming weeks, expect me to share more posts about usability.

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