Monday, April 7, 2014


After I have something more concrete to share, I'd love to get my results out there somehow. Academic journals are a good place to share. And I'm already talking to Linux Journal about a followup article, from the December 2013 issue. I think I'll also submit it to Slashdot and Reddit. I wonder if FSF would be interested in something specific to GNOME, for their newsletter? Maybe if I write a version that is more general. I'd love to write a version of my article for OpenHatch, and other organizations that are interested in open source software.

I'm also starting to think about conferences where I could talk more about this. I missed LibrePlanet, but maybe next year. Other conferences to consider are Penguicon and GUADEC.

What other venues would you suggest?

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  1. Linux Journal. Your plan sounds just wonderful. I think among the outcomes of the class, yours will contribute to our society, in particular, open source software society, the most. I like your outcomes because they are specific and concrete. (Well, as you know, basically I am an engineer. So, I like something really moving and working.)