Sunday, July 27, 2014

GUADEC day 2

A few highlights from day 2 at GUADEC. The second day had eight general session presentations (four sessions, two per session), a keynote, and lightning talks from the Summer of Code.

Pitivi: a cutting tool at the bleeding edge ~ Jean-Fran├žois Fortin Tam
I hadn't heard of Piviti before, and it's great to see such a mature video editing package for GNOME. Jean-Fran├žois showed a lot of cool features in the latest version of Piviti. While I don't have a frequent need for video editing, when I next need to do some video editing, I'd like to try Pitivi.
Keynote: Should We Teach The Robot To Kill ~ Nathan Willis
Nathan's talk was actually about embedding Linux in the automotive space. I didn't know that the automotive industry had adopted Linux here, but they have! Just as Google joined with handset manufacturers to create the Linux-based Android platform, so car manufacturers and automotive hobbyists have created similar Linux-based in-dash "infotainment" systems.
Lightning talks ~ GNOME interns
These were a series of five minute presentations about different coding projects taken up as part of Google's Summer of Code, in partnership with GNOME. These student interns have advanced several key projects, fixing bugs and adding new features. In watching the presentations, I was motivated to volunteer as a mentor for next year, supporting interns who wish to do usability testing.

We also did the group photo!


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