Monday, July 28, 2014

GUADEC day 3

More highlights from GUADEC. Day three had ten general session presentations (five sessions, two per session), and an AGM open floor meeting. These are a few highlights from the sessions:

Documentation: state of the union ~ Ekaterina Gerasimova
Ekaterina gave an excellent discussion of the Documentation system in GNOME, and how users actually use it. In the question and answer period, someone asked a very insightful question about how GNOME might use the online Documentation system (and what topics users are searching for) as a way to inform future improvements to GNOME. Currently, GNOME isn't able to do that. However, I chatted with Ekaterina later that evening, and volunteered to help in this area.

When I wrote my Master's project on usability in free software, I originally wanted to include a discussion about using web searches as a way to provide another vector of usability feedback. (I didn't include this in the final draft because it made my capstone too long.) There are some general methods that can be applied here, and I think I can help.
Lessons learned as GNOME Executive Director ~ Karen Sandler
Karen talked about her tenure as Executive Director at GNOME, and some lessons learned from being the Executive Director. There's lots I could add here, but I'll just summarize by saying the Executive Director role would be a great job for anyone motivated in advancing free software.
GNOME and Wayland ~ Jasper St. Pierre
Jasper gave a very animated and interesting presentation about how GNOME could add support for Wayland, the new graphics subsystem that can replace the X Window system. Wayland isn't ready for prime time yet, but Jasper shared a preview into the capabilities of Wayland, including security improvements over

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