Sunday, August 3, 2014

GUADEC wrap-up

GUADEC 2014 was an exciting experience for me! This was my first time at GUADEC, although I've attended other, similar open source software conferences before: O'Reilly Open Source Convention and Penguicon both come to mind.

If you haven't attended GUADEC before, the general schedule is that each day kicks off with a keynote or similar session, then much of the rest of the day is devoted to general sessions, usually with a single closing presentation at the end of each day. The general sessions gave an option of two presentations per session.

There were so many great talks to choose from, but of course I could only attend some of the general sessions. I've just posted a few highlights from each of the four days of GUADEC. While I'm actually posting these almost a week later, I have back-dated each article to the corresponding day at GUADEC. I hope this will help you follow GUADEC, and perhaps interest you to join us next year!

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