Friday, November 14, 2014

Follow Friday

I contribute to lots of free software projects, although not as much as I used to. These days, I am an advocate for usability in free software, and I am probably best known for FreeDOS, a free version of DOS. I created FreeDOS in 1994 while I was an undergraduate physics student.

I am also working with GNOME to improve usability for everyday people. My M.S. capstone was the Usability of Open Source Software, in which I analyzed and discussed the usability of GNOME.

In that spirit of GNOME, and under the theme of "Follow Friday," I would like to point you to these blogs and resources about GNOME design:

The GNOME UX Design Team is a group of individuals work on the design of the GNOME user experience and developer experiences. The primary areas of work are core OS design, core application design, and the visual theme and icons.

GNOME Design is a small, friendly group, and we have strong links with designers across Free Software. We are always looking for new contributors, and everyone is welcome to contribute!

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