Thursday, March 12, 2015

Outreachy in May-August

You may have noticed that the application process for Outreachy in May-August have opened, but usability testing isn't on the list yet. I've been starting to realize that I've overcommitted myself on a number of projects, so I think I'll sit out the Outreachy in May-August, and join again in Fall.

One applicant (initials “G.D.”) had reached out to me in February about participating in Outreachy for usability, and at the time I said yes. I support G.D.'s application, and will gladly mentor her if she is selected. But I prefer not to sponsor additional applicants until I have more free time. Otherwise, I'm concerned I won't be able to provide sufficient mentoring.

Edit: I've added an entry for usability testing for GNOME Outreachy for the benefit of G.D. If anyone is particularly interested in doing usability testing as an Outreachy project, let's discuss before you submit an application. I don't want to set any false expectations for you.
image: Outreach Program for Women

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