Friday, May 1, 2015

A brief glimpse into scenario tasks

I am mentoring in GNOME Outreachy this summer. As part of the Outreachy application process, we ask applicants to make an initial contribution to their project of interest. For usability testing, I ask applicants to read my article about usability testing, and conduct a 1-person usability test of their own. One of the applicants (Gina Dobrescu) provided a very complete analysis in her 1-person test. For part 1, refer to Gina's brief glimpse into usability testing. This is part 2 (usability test scenario tasks) from Gina, posted with her permission:
Scenario: Imagine that you are a journalist at "Le Monde" newspaper, in Paris. You are at work, and today your primary task is to finish your article about your favorite author's last book.

  1. Today you're in a different mood, so after you turn on your computer, you realize that you don't like the actual background image of your desktop, so you decide to change it. Please search for the kitty-cat.jpg file and set it as your Desktop image.
  2. After a few hours of working on your article, you decide to take a coffee break, and when you leave you have to lock your computer. You would like to personalize your computer, so you decide to have your favorite color as background image. Please change your "lock-screen" background image; verify the image changed successfully.
  1. As your break is not finished yet, you come back to your computer and decide to continue the story you started reading yesterday. You don't have much time left, so you decide to set an alarm for the end of your break. Please set an alarm for 5 minutes now.
  1. You want to read the story, but you forgot where you saved the book. Please find the "Cinderella.pdf" document and open it.
  2. While you are reading, you want to be comfortable, so you make the document scroll by itself.
  3. The break is over, but the next time you will want to remember the last page you've read (in this case the 4th page). Please bookmark this page, with the name "the shoes".
  1. The break is over, so now you have to finish your article about Tolkien's books. In your Working folder there are a lot of files and you don't remember what is the name of the file corresponding to your article. Please go to the Working folder and display all files as list; show the last modified articles.
  2. You would like to make it easier for you to access your working directory. Bookmark this location. Verify that the bookmark has been saved.
  1. You receive a call from a colleague who read your article and he tells you that you referred to another book when you wrote the observations in your article: you used "The lord of the rings" instead of "The Hobbit". You would like to repair your mistake. Please open the "tolkien.txt" file from the Working folder and replace all occurrences of "The lord of the rings" with "The Hobbit".
  2. Your colleague also suggested you to change the characters names' style. Please go to line 78 and turn all names into capital letters.
  3. For your daily work, you have to keep track of your work progress, so when you finish your tasks you have to insert the exact date and time. Please insert date and time at the end of the document.
  4. Now you want to review of your article. Please set the full screen view, then exit this view.
  5. After you finish, please save all your changes.
  1. You got the news that your article was very well rated on the newspaper's official page. Please navigate to the "" website.
  2. As it has become famous, your article was also published on another newspaper page. Though, you are not familiar with this website so you want to save the page with your article and show it later to your friends. Please open a new tab, navigate to "" and save a shortcut to it.
System Navigation
  1. You decide to stop working, and close some of the opened files. Please show a global view of all your current opened applications and close two of them.
  2. After you finished, please switch to another workspace.
  1. Now it's time to celebrate and you decide to listen to some music. Please open the Music application.
  2. As you open this application you observe there is only one song, your favorite. Please put it on repeat.
  3. After you finish, close the application.
  1. A problem occurred with your USB stick and your friend told you that there is an application that can help you solve this problem. Please install the “gparted” application.

A few minor edits by me, for formatting and grammar. -jh

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