Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Examining the design patterns

I wanted to share a brief update on the Outreachy project that Gina and I are working on, where Gina is preparing for a usability test in GNOME.

So far, we've been in an "information gathering" mode, where she has been learning about some of the basics of usability testing. In our next step, Gina will now start doing an analysis in preparation for a usability test.

As we transition to the analysis mode, let's take a step back. We will look at the GNOME design patterns, and understand what design patterns GNOME uses. The GNOME design patterns are described here:

In a usability test, GNOME will be most interested in how the design patterns are working for people. And to do that, we need to understand which GNOME programs use each design patterns. Having that understanding will help to identify which specific scenario tasks will give the results that are most useful.

At the end of this analysis, we should have an idea which design patterns to examine in Gina's usability test, and what scenario tasks would "exercise" those design patterns. Stay tuned!
image: Outreachy

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