Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Are you planning to attend LAS GNOME?

I loved attending the GNOME Users And Developers European Conference (GUADEC). I want to go back, but travel to Europe is a bit expensive. And it's hard to get away for such a long trip. So I'm not to make it for this year's GUADEC.

That's why I was excited to see a similar US-based conference this year: the Libre Application Summit—hosted by GNOME (LAS GNOME). The conference will be held from September 19–23 in Portland, Oregon.

They just posted a call for presentations. I'm not affiliated with LAS GNOME, but I know this is a new conference and I want to see it succeed. So I'm sharing this news to raise awareness. Consider submitting a presentation on your favorite topic: ecosystem, platforms, distributions, development, or whatever else you are working on. Proposals are due July 15th.

I submitted a presentation on usability testing. I am looking forward to our GNOME usability testing this summer as part of Outreachy, and I plan to share our usability test results. I'll also talk about usability testing in general, and how developers can apply usability testing to their own programs.

I hope to see you at LAS GNOME in Septemeber!
image: LAS GNOME

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