Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Let's start week 3

Having learned about personas and written some sample personas, the next step toward usability testing is to document the scenarios under which these personas typically use the program.

Scenarios are key to performing a good usability test. The success of your usability test depends on how well you understand how, where, and why the program will be used. And in turn, this depends on how well you understand this depends on the completeness of your personas.

This week, let's examine scenarios. What are scenarios? I've linked to a few resources that should help in this week's research:
  1. > Scenarios []
  2. > Task Analysis []
  3. Scenarios of use (Use cases) [UsabilityNet 2006]
  4. Scenario of Use [Bevan 2011]
  5. Information & Design > Scenarios [Gaffney 2000]
Similar to week 2, I've asked Diana, Ciarrai and Renata to write a few sample scenarios, just as a practice exercise. Writing these sample scenarios will help us next week when we research scenario tasks.
Interested in what's coming up? Week 4 will be scenario tasks. Then in week 5, we'll finally take what we've learned and compare it to how GNOME gets used, doing some additional analysis to understand the design patterns and the aspects of GNOME that we want to include in the usability test. That should be a really engaging week!
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