Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wrapping up week 2

Diana, Renata and Ciarrai have posted some great work on personas, and recently wrote some sample GNOME personas. They did a very complete job here. I feel like I have a good understanding of all these sample personas.

Personas are an important part of any design process. Whether you are trying to figure out the user interface or deciding what new functionality to add, personas can help you connect to the users.

Diana wrote this about personas: Personas focus on user goals, current behavior, and pain points. They are based on field research and real people. They describe why people do what they do in attempt to help everyone involved in designing and building a product understand and remember the end user throughout the entire product development process.

And Renata added: Personas concentrate on what a user does, what frustrates the user, and what gives the user satisfaction, they bring the “user” to life by providing a specific target for designing a final product and creating software with a specific, not generic, user in mind. Some teams use them as a reminder throughout the development life cycle about what’s important to users.

Personas allow you to talk about changes to the interface based on how those changes benefit users. Rather than saying “I want to add X feature because that would be cool” you can say “I want to add X feature because that helps users like the ‘Mark’ and ‘Sophia’ personas.”

Ciarrai also reminded us: With well researched personas in place, development will run much smoother. Designers will have a better sense of goals for the look and feel of the program. Developers will build better interfaces. Many questions get answered earlier and more efficiently when we have personas to help motivate and focus development work.

We took a few extra days to write the sample personas, since that was added later. As we get further into the internship, we'll see if that adjusts the overall schedule very much.

I'll post the week 3 research topic very soon.
image: Outreachy

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