Friday, July 15, 2016

Final preparations for usability tests

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the schedule. A few weeks ago, I commented on moving to the project phase of usability testing.​ I included a calendar of our remaining work. If you refer back to the calendar, you will note we are nearing the end of week 8. Next week is week 9 (starting 18 July) so Diana, Renata and Ciarrai have another week to refine their usability tests.

Allan and I have shared some suggestions and edits for Diana, Renata and Ciarrai; they will take the next week to apply those edits and prepare the final version of their usability tests: opening script, scenario tasks, and any wrap-up questions.

Diana, Renata and Ciarrai are also starting to line up testers for each usability test. We know from research that you need at least five testers to get useful results as part of a tightly iterative process (create design, test it, update the design, test it again, etc) but since this test is a point in time, we are looking for ten test volunteers.

While the schedule says we'll start usability tests in week 10 (starting 25 July) there's no need to wait to start testing once everything is in order. Once Diana, Renata and Ciarrai have done their dry runs and are confident everything is ready, they may start their usability test at any time. So watch their blogs closely in the coming weeks for updates.

This is it!
image: Outreachy

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