Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Responding with emoji

In Diana's usability test, she will moderate a "first experience" of GNOME. Testers will login to GNOME using a fresh "test" login, and go through the first-time experience. The testers will use a few scenario tasks to guide them through tasks that most users would usually do on a new computer (check email, copy files from a USB stick). Afterwards, Diana will interview each tester to see what they thought.

One question we are asking testers is to summarize different parts of the experience using an emoji. It's an interesting method I've seen applied to other user experience tests. The emoji is an abstract concept which lets the tester express their own feelings, but because we provide a set of emojis (testers don't make their own) it is easier for us to collate results.

A recent article in the Washington Post uses this method in their coverage of the political convention happening this week in the US. The Post presents a moment, and invites readers to click the emoji that represents their reaction:

click to view full size

If you click the "Show More" link, you get the full list of emoji (although the first few are repeated):

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(The different numbers for the emoji is because I took the screenshots a few minutes apart, and the article updated the counts.)

This is the kind of result I hope to see in our "first experience" test. How do testers respond to their first experience with GNOME?
image: Smiley (Wikimedia, public domain)

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