Thursday, July 21, 2016

Writing an ebook about usability?

I write more about this on my Coaching Buttons blog, that I'm thinking about writing an ebook. Actually, it's several ebooks. But the one that applies here is Open Source Usability.

Open Source Usability
In short, this would be an ebook about how to examine and improve the usability in free software and open source software. While many books exist about usability, none specifically focus on free and open source software. Intended for developers, this ebook will discuss what usability is, different ways to examine usability, how to measure usability, and ways to integrate usability test results back into the development stream to improve the next versions of the software.

Most of the material would likely be based on what I write here in my blog, but condensed and easier to learn from.

I might release this for free. If I publish through Amazon or Apple iTunes Bookstore or Google's Play Bookstore, I think I'd have to set the price to the minimum level, probably $1.

But writing an ebook is a lot of work. I'm not sure if people would really be that interested in an ebook like this. Would you read an ebook about Open Source Usability? Please let me know in the comments.


  1. I'd love to read something like that!

  2. I also would love to read it. If there's a "Usability Tests 101 - A Guide for Independant Developers" charpter, then simply shut up and get my money! :D

    1. Hi Georges. I would definitely plan to include a guide on how to do different kinds of usability tests. Traditional usability tests, of course - but also paper prototypes, walk-around tests, questionnaires, ... and probably a section on heuristic testing (i.e. "common and uncommon things to watch out for").

  3. I'd love it but probably only read the introduction/abstract kind of thing.