Friday, August 19, 2016

Looking forward to LAS GNOME!

I'm on the schedule for LAS GNOME this September, to share our usability test results. Diana, Ciarrai and Renata have been working hard this summer in GNOME Outreachy, doing different usability tests. Our tests include a paper prototype test of the new Settings app, a traditional usability test of other areas of GNOME development, and a first experience test where people use GNOME for the first time. This promises to be interesting!

I'll also talk about usability testing in general, and how developers can apply usability testing to their own programs.

I hope to see you at LAS GNOME in September!
Also, my friend Asheesh Laroia will be there, likely talking about Sandstorm, an open source self-hostable web app suite that welcomes new contributions. I first met Asheesh when I worked at the University of Minnesota Morris, and Asheesh visited us as part of "Open Source Comes to Campus" by OpenHatch. Hi Asheesh! It will be good to see you again.
image: LAS GNOME

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