Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wrapping up Outreachy

This summer, I mentored three interns as part of Outreachy. Outreachy (formerly the Outreach Program for Women) helps people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software get involved. This was my third time working with Outreachy, but my first time working with more than one intern at a time.

Diana, Ciarrai and Renata have wrapped up their usability tests and posted their analysis. I've highlighted several of their analysis already, but I wanted to share a brief update here, all in one article:

First-time user experience test
In this test, Diana asked testers to simulate an "unboxing" of a new system. The tester turned on the computer, watched the computer start up, and logged in to a fresh "test" account so they get first-user experience. After allowing them to explore GNOME via three broad scenario tasks, Diana asked the testers to rate their reaction to GNOME using emoji.

Diana has posted part one of her analysis, discussing the participants and providing an overview of their reactions. She will soon post part two of her analysis, to share results of the UX test in more detail and suggest a few recommendations for GNOME based on what was observed in the test.

Paper prototype test of new Settings application
The usability test with a paper prototype can be very similar to a traditional usability test with a final product. Ciarrai's usability test examined the new GNOME Settings application. This application is still being designed, so Ciarrai used a paper prototype in her usability test.

Traditional usability test of other areas of GNOME development
Renata's test was a traditional usability test of GNOME. This is basically the same usability test that applicants performed during their initial contribution to Outreachy. In fact, Renata's test examined how certain design areas in GNOME Photos and GNOME Calendar have improved since the usability test performed by Gina in a previous cycle of Outreachy.
image: Outreachy

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