Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wrapping up user experience testing

This is a follow-up to my other item about wrapping up Outreachy. Diana posted part two of her analysis from first-time GNOME user experience testing.

In this test, Diana asked testers to simulate an "unboxing" of a new system. The tester logged in to GNOME using a fresh "test" account so they get the first-time user experience. After allowing each tester to explore GNOME via three broad scenario tasks, Diana asked them to rate their reaction to GNOME using emoji, and followed up with several interview questions.

What went well:

  • File management (Nautilus)
  • Browsing the web (GNOME Web)

What was difficult:

  • GNOME initial setup
  • Email setup (Evolution)

Diana's user experience test used only a few testers (initially five, expanded to seven) so it's hard to evaluate trends from this research. However, Diana makes these general recommendations based on her observations:

  • Add more colors
  • Reduce number of steps in initial setup
  • Simplify password experience
  • Relocate the input language settings

Diana goes into more depth in her discussion. Read Diana's analysis for more»
image: Outreachy

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