Monday, October 31, 2016

FreeDOS 1.2 Release Candidate 1

You may know that I am involved in many open source software projects. Aside from my usability work with GNOME, I am probably best known as the founder and project coordinator of the FreeDOS Project.

I started the FreeDOS Project back in 1994, when MS-DOS was still the platform of choice for many people. You can read the history of FreeDOS on our website, but the short version is this: I announced the FreeDOS Project in June 1994 as a way to replace the functionality of MS-DOS. The idea of a free DOS quickly caught on, and soon developers across the world came together to contribute to and improve FreeDOS.

It's 2016, and FreeDOS is still going strong. In fact, we are planning a new release this year: FreeDOS 1.2 should be available on December 25, 2016.

You can get FreeDOS 1.2 RC1 at our Download page

You can help us make FreeDOS 1.2 a reality! We just released the FreeDOS 1.2 RC1 ("Release Candidate 1") for folks to try out. Please download and test this latest version of FreeDOS! Report any bugs or problems to the freedos-devel email list.


  1. yess, as others have mentioned - please publish the changelog


  3. ^ the topmost entry is for "2016 May 16 - Build 2042"

    try again!

  4. Thanks for the interest in FreeDOS!

    FreeDOS 1.2 is an update from FreeDOS 1.1 and features the same basic design. That said, there are some new things in FreeDOS 1.2 (RC1) and I'll summarize two key additions below:

    - Completely new installer

    I wrote the original FreeDOS install program for the Beta 1 release in 1998. Since then, every FreeDOS release has used pretty much the same installer. We've added updates, bug fixes, and minor improvements to the installer over the years, but under the covers it's the same installer as Beta 1.

    For FreeDOS 1.2, we wanted to re-do the install program. The install process needs to be simple, and it needs to be friendly. Jerome's completely re-written FreeDOS Installer ("FDI") does exactly that.

    - Updated packages

    As you expect, FreeDOS 1.2 updates the packages from FreeDOS 1.1. But this new release also includes other packages we did not include in FreeDOS 1.1. The new FreeDOS 1.2 provides several install options from different install media. There are too many new packages to list here, but we have added new archiver tools, new developer tools, new utilities, and even some games!