Monday, June 5, 2017

Help us celebrate 23 years of FreeDOS

This year on June 29, FreeDOS will turn 23 years old. That's pretty good for a legacy 16-bit operating system like DOS. It's interesting to note that we have been doing FreeDOS for longer than MS-DOS was a thing. And we're still going!

There's nothing special about "23 years old" but I thought it would be a good idea to mark this year's anniversary by having people contribute stories about how they use FreeDOS. So over at the FreeDOS Blog, I've started a FreeDOS blog challenge.

If you use FreeDOS, I'm asking you to write a blog post about it. Maybe your story is about how you found FreeDOS. Or about how you use FreeDOS to run certain programs. Or maybe you want to tell a story about how you installed FreeDOS to recover data that was locked away in an old program. There are lots of ways you could write your FreeDOS story. Tell us about how you use FreeDOS!

Your story can be short, or it can be long. Make it as long or short as you need to talk about how you use FreeDOS.

Write your story, post it on your blog, and email me so I can find it. Or if you don't have a blog of your own, email your story to me and I'll put it up as a "guest post" on the FreeDOS Blog.

I'm planning to post a special blog item on June 29 to collect all of these great stories. So you need to write your story by June 28.
image: FreeDOS

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