Saturday, July 29, 2017

A new GNOME Board

After my Board term expired, I had planned to stay involved with the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors until the official hand-off to the new Board at GUADEC. Since GUADEC is happening right now, this marks the end of my time on the GNOME Board of Directors.

It was great to serve on the GNOME Board this year! I know we accomplished a lot of great things. Among other things, we hired a new Executive Director, who I believe will provide strong leadership for GNOME. The GNOME Board is an important part of governance too, and the Board demonstrated that by keeping GNOME moving forward in the absence of an Executive Director.

I may run for GNOME Board again in a few years, when things settle down for me. It's been a busy time lately, but as things reach a new normal, I'll be able to take on new activities in GNOME.

Good luck to everyone on the Board for the coming year! I know everyone is highly engaged, and that's what really matters for a successful Board.
image: GNOME

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