Sunday, August 27, 2017

At look back at Linux 1.0

The Linux Kernel is 26 years old this year. And to mark this anniversary, I took a look back at where it all began. You can find my journey into Linux nostalgia over at

I discovered Linux in 1993. My first Linux distribution was Softlanding Linux System (SLS) 1.03, with Linux kernel 0.99 alpha patch level 11. That required a whopping 2MB of RAM, or 4MB if you wanted to compile programs, and 8MB to run X windows.

A year later, I upgraded to SLS 1.05, which sported the brand-new Linux kernel 1.0.

Check out the article for some great screenshots from SLS 1.05, including the color-enabled text-mode installer, a few full-screen console applications, and a sample X session with TWM, the tabbed window manager.

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