Monday, August 28, 2017

Leadership lessons from open source software

Just wanted to point to an article I recently wrote for CIO Review Magazine, about Leadership lessons from open source software. I've been involved in open source software since I was a university student—as a user, contributor, and maintainer. Today, I'm a chief information officer in local government. While my day job is unrelated to my personal interest in open source software, I find leverage in many of the lessons I learned throughout my history in open source software projects.

My article shares three key lessons from open source software that I’ve carried into my career as chief information officer:
  1. Feedback is a gift
  2. Everyone brings different viewpoints
  3. You don’t have to do it all yourself
Looking for leadership lessons through the lens of unexpected sources can be interesting and insightful. We need to find inspiration from everything we experience. For myself, I like to reflect on what I have done, to find ways to improve myself.

As chief information officer, I leverage many of the lessons I learned from maintaining or contributing to open source software. While I find insights from other areas, experience drives learning, and my twenty years of personal experience in open source software has taught me much about accepting feedback, listening to others, and sharing the burden. This applies directly to my professional career.

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