Monday, September 18, 2017

Reflection on trip to Kiel

On Sunday, I flew home from my trip to Kiel, Germany. I was there for the Kieler Open Source und LinuxTage, September 15 and 16. It was a great conference! I wanted to share a few details while they are still fresh in my mind:

I gave a plenary keynote presentation about FreeDOS! I'll admit I was a little concerned that people wouldn't find "DOS" an interesting topic in 2017, but everyone was really engaged. I got a lot of questions—so many that we had to wrap up before I could answer all the questions.

FreeDOS has been around for a long time. We started FreeDOS in 1994, when I was still an undergraduate physics student. I loved DOS at the time, and I was upset that Microsoft planned to eliminate DOS when they released the next version of Windows. If you remember, the then-current version was Windows 3.1, and it wasn't great. And Windows's history up to this point wasn't promising: Windows 1 looked pretty much like Windows 2, and Windows 2 looked like Windows 3. I decided that if Windows 4 would look anything like Windows 3.1, I wanted nothing to do with it. I preferred DOS to clicking around the clumsy Windows interface. So I decided to create my own version of DOS, compatible with MS-DOS so I could continue to run all my DOS programs.

We recently published a free ebook about the history of FreeDOS. You can find it on our website, at 23 Years of FreeDOS.

My second talk that afternoon was about usability testing in open source software. The crowd was smaller, but they seemed very engaged during the presentation, so that's good.

I talked about how I got started in usability testing in open source software, and focused most of my presentation on the usability testing we've done as part of the Outreachy internships. I highlighted the GNOME usability testing from my interns throughout my participation in Outreachy: Sanskriti, Gina, Renata, Ciarrai, and Diana.

Interesting note: Ciarrai's paper prototype test on the then-proposed Settings redesign will be published this week on, so watch for that.

The conference recorded both presentations, and they'll be uploadeded to YouTube in the next few days. I'll link to them when they are up.
image: Kieler Open Source und LinuxTage

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