Friday, April 27, 2018

Open source software reading list

A colleague recently asked what books I'd recommend about open source software. I go back a ways with open source software. I first contributed to Free software and open source software in 1993, before the term "open source software" was widely adopted.

So my list of book recommendations has some older titles on there. And that's good, because this list also provides a solid grounding for contributing to open source software.

I have to share our free (CC-BY) ebook that we published last year about the history of FreeDOS, written by our developers, contributors, and fans:

And some older books that I find interesting:

​Related to FreeDOS,​ there's Pat Villani's original 1996 book about how you would write a DOS-like operating system. It's a bit dated now (FreeDOS has changed a lot since then) but it's a good introduction to writing operating system kernels:

​Along similar lines (but less technical) is Linus Torvalds and David Diamond's 2002 book about how Linus created Linux:

I might also recommend Eric's 2001 book of essays about open source software:

Most of the contents, including the "Cathedral and the Bazaar" essay, are also available for free from Eric's website:

​I have the original paperback for this, which is now falling apart due to years of use, but O'Reilly has made Unix Text Processing (1987) available as a free ebook. This has some interesting not-necessarily-programmer stuff about how you can leverage Unix (and Linux) tools to do various things with text - including vi, ex, nroff/troff, and some awk:

​Other interesting free O'Reilly books include:

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